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Gary roebuck

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I have tried to find information on the subject and no luck. Has anyone tried running a Dust deputy on the exhaust side of the blower. I modified my HF dust collector with a win filter, bigger impeller  and  a thien baffle That I installed in the old ring portion of the Hf  collector. I made a  plywood ring and use the old plastic bag to make a shoot that the dust collects in. The reason I like the set up is that it allows me to use plastic bags in my collection drum rather than having to empty out a barrel I simply lift the bag twist it and throw it out with the garbage. I don’t have to worry about container collapse as it’s pressurized. I tried a baffle pre-blower and it was quite a considerable drop in suction. I don’t use my dust collector to clean the floors of the shop or really anything that sucks large debris so I’m not too worried about the impeller on the blower. My thought process maybe simplistic but does it make a big difference if I’m blowing into the dust deputy versus sucking though it? The current baffle does a fair job but not great as the inlet into the filter area is so large and the column is so short. The primary reason about the Dust deputy was to just help save the filter. I figured a one time investment of $170 was much better than having to replace $170 filter periodically. I would have to redesign my current system totally to add a deputy on the intake side as my piping runs along the ceiling and I would have to add several elbows and more flex hose which I know drop CFM to make it work. I would like information as to why or why not it wouldn’t work not just you can’t do that. 

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For the most part in it doesn't much matter which side of the blower the restriction is on it will have a similar impact. There is a large exception. Turbulence in the line leading into the cyclone or separator will have a large impact on the separation efficiency. All manufactures recommend the inlet to the cyclone be a 6 foot strait piece of pipe. This is to reduce the turbulence entering the cyclone. The turbulence will keep the fine dust in suspension and send them through the cyclone as well as cause a greater pressure drop across the cyclone. Air directly leaving a blower is going to be highly turbulent so it's likely this isn't going to function optimally.

I don't know how your shop is laid out nor what your DC system looks like. I also don't know where the DC is in your priority. I designed my shop around my DC to provide at least 6' of strait pipe prior to the cyclone i have 4 bends max from the tool to the cyclone and get excellent collection. The cyclone separates the fines from my drum sander exceptionally well which is tool that usually plugs filters the fastest.

If your worried about bags in a bin just buy a bin insert. Many people run the cyclone prior to the blower with bags in their bins. This is just the first example i can think of. You could probably make something your self if interested.

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