Mineral spirits = finished look?


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Hi, I ran into problems with my mild not holding so now I have a lot of black epoxy over flow that has stained the wood.  When I go over it with mineral spirits I don't see the stain, does that mean you won't see it in my finish so I don't have to worry about sanding it out? Going to use rubio monocoat finish. TIA


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The answer is "maybe". Althought a wipedown of spirits is often used to simulate the appearance after varnish, it isn't a perfect replication. I would try rubbing a small spot with the Rubio, overlapping areas of epoxy and no epoxy, to see how it looks. If it looks fine, you are golden. If not, the scraping & sanding needed to remove the epoxy will get the Rubio off, too.

From the photo included, I'd say to have a way to go on sanding before the epoxy fill is flattened, anyway. If you have a card scraper, the initial work will go a lot faster.

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