Need some help on painting lazy suzan


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I'm getting ready to create a lazy suzan as a wedding gift. It's just a simple two-piece with the top about 16 inches in diameter made from walnut and mahogany. It's a table centerpiece.

After I build it my wife will paint some decorations on top, like the first letter of the new couple's last name. Since it's going to be used on a dining room table I was thinking it would need another coat of maybe water-based polyurethane on top to protect against spills and food items.

What would you all suggest for the steps in finishing? I was thinking some sort of finish, then the paint, then the poly. Maybe even as simple as: Poly -> Paint -> Poly?

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My personal preference for walnut & mahogany is definitely oil-based poly. Over the paint, though, the oil-based may add an undesirable tint.

If you have time for the poly to cure, I might try sanding it with maybe 600 grit, to an even sheen. That will provide some 'tooth' to help hold whatever paint you will use. Then maybe water-borne poly as a topcoat. As long as the base coat is well-cured, I don't think adhesion should be a problem.

This is just an opinion based on limited experience, though. Not something I've done much.

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On 10/11/2021 at 9:05 AM, Chestnut said:

I've done oil poly -> paint -> water poly. Just make sure to scuff the surface well and give the oil poly a good long cure.

Did you use oil-based paint? I hear alkyd-based has less tendency to have an amber color.

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