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Hi guys,  what's the best finish to use for protection from water?  It's going to be hidden so looks do not matter.  I was thinking maybe a waterproof paint but I don't know if something else will work better.  

I'm making a cheap rolling cart for my kitchen to put some of the difference devices on (blenders, Foodie, vacuum sealer, etc.) I have a ton of floor space but limited counter space.  As part of it I'm building in a box at one end of it that I was going to set the basin for the sous vide into that's also insulated to help maintain temps.  So it's not going to get a ton of moisture but the top half of the box will probably get some steam/condensation when cooking in it.  Especially for the high (170-200) temp cooks. 

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Epoxy paint from a marine company like Total Boat they seem to be big in the marine community. Maybe even fiber glassing this part that will never be seen. The cheapest solution be what wtnhighlander suggested plastic laminate I go to a business that sells and installs plastic laminate and buy some of their remnants  they usually sell them for a reasonable price watch a couple You Tube videos and it will take any of the mystery out of it a trim router would be very helpful in this process.  

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Thanks for the suggestions guys.  @wtnhighlander's reply got me thinking and I might just keep it simple and try to find a plastic tub that's about the right size and use that as a liner and then put the sous vide tube inside of it for now.  

I'm starting off with a rough proof of concept version of it that's just made from 2x4s and some left over sheet goods that I have.  I'm not sure how good this is going to work in practice so I wanted to go cheap and easy.  Ultimately it's going to be a shop cart/bench.  If the idea works I'm going to be a nice version of it that will look good in the kitchen.  When I do the nice one I'll go for a better solution that addresses any issues that might arise when trying out of the proof of concept. 

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