Question on Powermatic 66 back rails

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I have purchased a used powermatic 66 to put in my new workshop that will be built over the next couple of months.  I'm planning to build a side extension table with router and an out feed table.  The powermatic is currently disassembled (fence, front, and back rails removed) and sitting in a corner of my garage.  In looking at the saw and planning the side extension and out feed tables, I see the back rails that should be on the on the saw.  But the Biesmeyer fence only seems to attach to the front rail.  Is there a reason that I need the back rail?  If I attach the back rail, that would be about a 2 inch gap between the saw and the out feed.  Can I just skip the back rail and make the out feed flush to the saw.  It would also help with the design of the side router table.  Is the back rail needed for additional rigidity?  Thanks.

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I don't have a PM66, but from pictures and my experience with other cabinet saws the back rail helps hold the extension wings straight and flat. Without that back rail I'd worry about the un-attached corner dipping or deflecting. Can you include an overhang on your outfeed to cover the gap?

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The Biesmeyer system uses a angle iron at the back, and you can have an outfeed table with no gap.   If you still have the round 66 rail back there, it's not needed.  The PM round rail fence uses one both front and back, but they aren't used with a Biesmyer fence.  I have one of each.  If you don't have the back angle iron, you can probably get plans to make one if you can't buy just that back angle.

The back angle with the Biesmyer is just to be able to tie the side extension table to it.  I have an outfeed table sitting on that angle.

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