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Joe Eagar

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I wrote the new modeler in Blender, and I'd like to know if anyone has used it for woodworking projects. I'm well aware Blender isn't suited for CAD work, and frankly, I didn't design the new modeler for CAD to begin with. Nonetheless, I'm curious if any brave soul uses Blender for laying out woodworking projects. I imagine it's more work. B)

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I've tried, but my learning curve is waaaaaay too steep to be able to offer any feedback other than "it's too hard!" in a whiny 4 year old voice.

In all seriousness, I don't use Blender for woodworking, as it handles active interactions far better than Sketchup, but that's not what woodworking design is focusing on. From a design perspective, a woodworker is more interested in straight-line details like dimensions, as these are not going to rotate often or move, and Blender handles that latter part very well.

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