HELP!!! (with changing jointer knives)

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You might check ereplacmentparts.com for the wrench.  Also you might be able to get some help on vintagemachinery.org

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I believe it was Home Depot where I found a 5/16" wrench that was thin enough without grinding, but I just did a search on ebay for "thin 5/16" wrench", and found this:


It's been 40 years, at least, since I ground down a wrench to use with the Rockwell jointer, and I can't remember if it was 5/16 or 1/4".  My other jointers use 5/16's, but can't really go on that.   I couldn't find a thin 1/4 on ebay.

An ignition wrench might work if it's 1/4".  This one would be nice to have with the different angled ends:  https://www.ebay.com/itm/Armstrong-1-4-Open-End-Ignition-Wrench-15-X-80-Deg-Offset-27-908-nvr-used/372141235448?hash=item56a5589cf8:g:Cv0AAOSwiA9ZZDqR

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