Delayed birthday gift - good place for wood in Jersey/Easter Pa?


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I got a delayed birthday gift from my parents - a DeWalt 734 planer.  I was planning on buying a planer a few months ago but life happened so it got put on hold and never happened.  It was a nice surprise that showed up at the door.  I have been going to my local lumber yard to get most of my wood but they are not any cheaper then Home Depot or Lowes and they do not have a selection.  They are mostly for builders.   I stated to look around to see where I can get some rough cut lumber.  Can anyone point me in a direction of a good dealer or offer any advise on buying wood?  Looking to start with Western Cedar or cypress for some outdoor furniture.  I called these people to try and got some prices -they were pretty jerky on the phone:  the prices on this site are about what I have been getting from the places I called.  I tried Fox Lumber in Clinton, Boards and Beams in Fairfield, Niece Lumber and a few other places that I forgot to save in my spreadsheet.

I also found these two on but have to call them:

I'm in Warren County, NJ.

As always thanks for any help and have a great day.


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congrats on the planer!!


i've dealt with art (east coast log) and travis (middle valley) a few times. they are both one man shops. by appointment only


i checked in with art around march i think and he had some decent stuff, oak, ash, sasafrass... all roughsawn. most was sort of picked through at that time but he had plenty of stuff to make some great pieces. he usually mills during the summer and goes to florida for the winter.


travis has a lot of very nice product. all air dried some really wide boards like 20". he will walk you through all of his drying barns and work on a package with you but you could spend the whole day with him just looking at wood. I usually go to him when i have a very specific list of species i'm looking for. 


fox, neices, opdyke.. they are all for builders. very jerky... what's up with that?! 


i know a guy who has cypress and redwood! jody williams is in Sargentsville. if you PM me i will give you his phone number.


i've never been here because it's far away but i've seen a few guys mention it. this might be a nice place to check out some stuff. I might hit up their black friday sale...


also, thefatbaron just posted this company which i've never heard of and might hit up THEIR november sale....


these guys do only black locust which could be fun for outdoors


did you check these guys out?


this guy is on my to see list


this place is a pretty well known lumber mill... call them and see what they've got! i spent three hours driving to this place to pick up a sample for a client project. *one of the reasons i want to open my own lumber store right in flemington in a big warehouse that is open from 9 AM to 8PM every day of the week. imagine that... i will give any WTO member %50 off any wood product.


another one on my to see list


don't forget about craigslist! there are several sawyers in the area that post ads for wood. don't be afraid to post an ad looking for material. 


If you're down with pine then charlie has a crazy selection of all sizes. it's amazing. $1.50 b/f for boards or $1.00 b/f for beams...

she's got a lot going on at her farm so make sure you call or email before you go if you're interested


best of luck Mike, it's a jungle out there. 


 I am in hunterdon county and it's pretty much the middle of no where for a nice lumber shop you can walk in to any day of the week. I miss my pacific northwest home town for its lumber stores and general availability/ customer service. New Jersey has many other perks including but not limited to my wonderful significant other, kimberlee. 

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You can add Agincourt to your your list. Lots of nice stuff for really good prices. It's a two-man shop. I've never dealt with East Coast Log or Middle Valley, though I hear nice things. Middle Valley didn't want to deal with me because I was only looking for a couple boards for a test piece or two. East Coast, I just had a hard time getting in touch with him.


Wood Boards and Beams are nice folks - I've gotten hickory from them a few times. They're one of the few places I can find 8/4 hickory. They're a bigger shop and not really a 'browsing' place, but if you know what you want, they're happy to do small orders.


The actual site for Willard Brothers is - they're near me in Trenton, so a bit of a hike from Warren county, but good people.


Down this way, there's also Mike Quinn Hardwoods. Small one-man place, but a super nice guy with great prices. Found him on this forum, actually. No website, but here's the info off his card:


1654 Dobry Road, Yardley, PA 19067


M-F 9-4, Saturday 9-1, Cash only


Ash, Bashwood, Beech, Cedar, Cherry, Figured/Soft/Hard maple, Hickory, Red Oak, QS Oak, White Pine, Poplar, Black Walnut

Bloodwood, Bubinga, Lacewood, Mahogany, Padauk, Purpleheart, Rosewood, Sapele, Spanish Cedar, African Mahogany, Wenge, Yellowheart

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Another source for your side of the country is Boulter Plywood   Besides having some of the best quality ply, they also have some excellent lumber!  They're who I use for teak and mahogany, but they also carry a bunch of domestics as well as some exotics :P.  Have ordered from them for years and have never gotten a bad piece of lumber!


Also, don't forget about the bundle packs from Bell Forrest...  Free shipping which may or may not make them competitive for your location...

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Mike Quinn is pretty good , I've heard nothing but positive things about him .  My shops down in Swesdesboro NJ  Exit 2 on the turnpike . I always have curly maple ( 4/4 - 8/4 ) , cherry , mahogany and some odds ends .  Curly maple is what I have the most of , I get guys coming down from Bayoone from the north and Maryland from the south .  So if you ever need any of those woods give me a buzz .

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NJ Mike, I don't think anyone has mentioned FOX Lumber. They are located just off exit 15 on route 78 in Clinton. It's a very neat and organized yard and they have a nice exotics room. Besides some great domestic choices they stock Wenge, Zebra, Sapele, Bubinga, Lacewood, Padauk among a few others. Most of it all planed 3 sides to 5/4.

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