Delta 1440 46-715 Lathe


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1 minute ago, temptmewithawoodtime said:

Thanks for the quick reply!  So it looks like the handwheel attaches directly to the read half of the spindle pulley?  There aren't any parts or connectors in between?

To me it appears the hand wheel slides over a shaft with a bolt to hold it to the shaft.

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I picked up a delta 1440 type 2 lathe with a bad bearing in the headstock.  Trying to remove the spindle, I removed the hand wheel, and the back reeves pully.  The inner reeves pilly looks like it is pressed into another bearing in the speed change yoke.  I have removed most of the snap rings, except the largest one facing the front of the spindle in the yoke.  Has anyone removed the yoke?  do you have to remove the speed control lever to remov e the yoke ?  can the reeves pulley in the yoke be removed without removing the yoke?

And help on disassembling and removing the spindle will be appreciated.


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I have the Delta 1440 lathe and the reeves pulley on the headstock is bad, the slot that it slides on the keyway wore out. I replaced it with a 1 horse 3 phase motor and a VFD, I should have done that years ago. I can slow it down to about 50 rpm and it has reverse. I bought a used motor for $40 and the VFD was $70 new off eBay.

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