Bosch MRC23EVS 2.3 HP combo

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After my DeWalt outer combo died, I needed a replacement in a timely fashion.  I went though the usual research steps, did my homework, and asked the community for opinions.  I narrowed my choices down to the Festool OF1400, The Bosch 1617, and the MRc23.  In the end I got the newer bosch on sale for the same price as the 1617, so I went for it.  I found the Festool very nice, but I really wanted 2 bases.




This kit comes with the 2.3 HP motor, a plunge base, a fixed base, two wrenches, two collets, a T-wrench for above the table adjustments, some mounting screws, manual, and the blow molded case. 


After I unboxed it and starting looking at it, i realized that the opening for the bit (in the phenolic plate) was large.  I instantly said "crap", becasue I do a fair amount of work with a bushing.  So i went out to the shop to get my bushing kit, and it totally didnt fit.  So I called around and got a price on the Bosch Proprietary set of bushings and adaptor.  I found the whole kit (adaptor and 7 bushings in a case) for about 40 bucks.  This kinda cheesed me off a bit, because I just dropped 300 on the router and wasn't in the mood to spend more!


Anyway, I decided to give it a test run before I went and got the bushings.


Features and Use


The first thing that I really liked was the weight and balance.  It felt nice in my hands.  The grips are a good fit for my hands, and I feel I could use this router for extended periods without fatigue.


Then I plugged it in and two LED lights came on.  This is a nice feature that I considered a bit gimmicky until I used it.  I like it quite a bit.  The lights stay on whenever its plugged in to let you know it has power.


This router also included a switch on the handle.  This is AWESOME.  I really like being able to turn the router on and off without taking a hand off it.  It also has a locking position so that you dont have to hold the trigger the entire time.  This is one of the features that pointed me to this kit.


The plunge base is great.  Operation is smooth an accurate.  I really like the design in that you flick the thumb lever to plunge and then let go - it locks itself.  Its backwards to what I am accostomed to, but I enjoy this feature.


The fixed base is the same as all others - point and go.  No complaints, and again, love the trigger on the handle.  The cord also has a mechanism to allow it to pivot, so this reduces strain on te cord and makes it easier to manuever.




Lots of power for my inteded use.  This router will be a general purpose router, for handheld work.  I have another router in the table, so this one is for the bench.  I found the router had plenty of power to plow out with a straight bit in hardwood (ash, cherry, walnut), and had no problem with detailing edges.  No complaints here.




I already mentioned that I had to buy Bosch's specific kit.  It comes in two pieces - a quick fitting adaptor for the router plate, and then the bushing themselves.  I was quite impressed by how fast and easy it is to interchange the bushings.  Now that I have used this system, it is well worth the 40 dollars!  The bushings stay put when they are set, and pop out easily when needed.




Overall I am very happy with this router (using it on three projects).  I really like the features mentioned above, and the machine runs smooth and well.  My only small gripe is the fact that Bosch didnt inlcude an edge guide, or the bushing adaptor, as part of the original kit.  These would increase the value for the consumer, and it wouldn't suck so much having to buy bushing if the purchaser was at least given the adaptor (its only 7 bucks afterall).  It also did not include and DC hoods or adaptors - this was dissapointing.


Bosch also has some newer style cases that look like systainers.  Unfortunately, this machine did not come with one.  The blow molded case will probably be put in storage in my basement, and I'll place the router and accessories in a cubby in the shop.


Hope you enjoyed!



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Pug, great review. I have the same router and really enjoy using it. I like the soft start and the release on the plunge is smooth.

I too had the same reaction when I went to use my bushings. I went to Rockler and bought a universal base to fit the Bosch and also my PC bushings.


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Thank you for the review I have really been considering this kit it's nice to know what it comes with from a user rather than an advertisement which can be unclear.

Unless you have had any new problems with it as of late you have helped me make my decision.

Thanks Again

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