Craftsman 113 alignment


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The saga continues.

Tonight I decided to install my Pal for aligning it.  It helps.  But the biggest thing is getting that alignment Master Plate. It just makes things so much easier. Together they help.

One of my frustrations with earlier alignment attempts was not noticing (something I figured out last month) was that each end has not 2 bolts holding the mechanism up but 3.  Makes all the difference in the world. :-) 

I got it down to 1/100".  Can get closer, but another day.

When installing the Pal I would recommend these things:

1) drilling access holes in the side of the saw for access to the alignment screws.  (I'll be doing that in the near future.)

2) Install them on the rear for easier access.

3) Per the instructions, tightening the bolts down does make one's alignment drift a bit.  What I've found that works best is to tighten down in this sequence (YMMV) :
(a) rear center
(b) front center
(c) rear position where alignment was done
(d) Opposite corner on front
(e) Opposite side on rear
(f) Alignment side on front







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I ordered my PALS kit a couple of months ago to help get my 24 year old model 113 back on track.  Had a small project I just had to get done so I decided to take one more crack at setting the thing up.  I'll be if I didn't get it lined up PERFECTLY! By accident of course.  So the PALS kit has sat in my tool box since it came in.  I figure I'll keep checking the alignment and if it ever fails I'll install the PALS.

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I have my granddad's 113.29902 (1967 vintage) and put the PALS on it last year.  My kit came with both the hex nut you show and a nylon lock hex nut that follows it on the stud.  With that nylon lock nut installed I had to heavily modify the bracket for the rip fence to allow it to bevel all the way to 45 degrees because the  rip fence bracket hit the lower lock nut at about 42 degrees.  Bracket is aluminum, so between the 1 inch belt sander and then my dremel I was able to make it clear out to a little over 45 degrees..  Now it works very well and i am perfectly aligned....:-)


Jeff in KC

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