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Here are a couple tips that might help you:

When you make parts for the table, turn then into groups or components. This will put a "bubble" around a part like a leg, and make it easier to work with. If you don't do this, any part that touches another part will get "welded" and you won't be able to get them back apart again.

The easiest way I know to copy something is to click on it to select it, then use the old Control-C to copy and Control-V to paste. There are other ways of course, and eventually you might find yourself using the Move tool with the Control key instead.

Let us know if you need more help!

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I can draw a basic table shape, however when I try to duplicate I run into problems. HELP! wdworker

Best thing is to watch someone who can, second best is to watch the tutorials on youtube or other. The easiest way I can TELL you to do is to make the table parts components, then you can Crtl+C and Ctrl+V all over the place.

Do a Google search for instructional videos for SketchUp. Or if you are in the chat room past 9:30pm EDT tonight, I can give you some direction.


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