Green spots/streaks in maple bowl blanks


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Hi all,

I know there aren’t a ton of bowl turners here, but I figured this might be an easy answer. I have some green spots/streaks showing up in maple I’m turning bowls from. Is this inherent in the tree or something I did wrong in storing the pieces? They are there as I turn the bowl, and don’t seem to be changing over time after the bowl has been turned. The wood is still quite green (wet) at the time of turning.



I grabbed some pieces of maple from a tree that fell in October after one of the hurricanes passed through. They were already cut to 2-3’ lengths and about 8” diameter. I painted the end grain with some latex paint. I cut a couple of them down to the rough blanks and put them in a cardboard box with some of the shavings to keep them from drying out too fast during the couple weeks it would take me to turn them into bowls. I had read that people put them in paper bags with shavings, but I don’t have any paper bags. 

Any tips or insight would be greatly appreciated! I am far from an experienced turner.  

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Cool. I have turned three bowls from this stock and two of them have had it. I’m all for spalting, ambrosia, and other things that add interest to the wood. I just figured if it was something I was directly causing, I could either avoid it or try to take advantage of it. 


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I’m sure the pieces did touch the ground. Good to know for if I end up with a fallen tree. 

The tree smashed a friend’s fence, and their only focus and concern was to remove the tree and fix the fence. They are not woodworkers and thought it was strange that I asked to come take pieces of it :lol:

I’m also not sure what the condition of the tree was before it fell. It was mostly cleaned up before I arrived. It’s quite possible that it had some previous issues and the strong wind was the final straw. 

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