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Thanks, guys!  Coop, the main reason I didn't attend is that Sandy and I quit eating meat, dairy, and sugar about 2 1/2 years ago.  I walked back to the kitchen to give these to our pastor and I have to tell you that the aroma from all those meats was simply amazing!!

Sandy is a huge proponent of healthy eating and lifestyle and the more she read about how bad meat, dairy, and sugar is for you the more she wanted to go all organic and eat fruits and vegetables only.  So I said 'let's do it' and that's all we've had since then.  A bonus is that her cholesterol has been around 320 ever since I've known her and doctors couldn't get it lowered (she weighs about 110 lbs. dripping wet but it's hard to fight hereditary issues).  Four months after switching to our new lifestyle her cholesterol dropped to around 200 and has stayed there. 

So would I have gone to the Beast Feast otherwise?  Absolutely! :D  But since it was a men-only event and we rode to church in one vehicle - ladies Bible study for her and band practice for me - she would have to just hang around another hour and a half while I feasted. 

Long answer - sorry - but we have this event 2-3 times each year and Houston isn't too far to drive for a feast like this so I'll let you know next time we have one.  Who knows, you might win a door prize! ;)


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