Upgrading Wen Planer with Helical head

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A few years ago when I first started in woodworking, I purchased a Wen 6552 planer.  There was a discussion of this planer in early 2017.  My experience with it has been good, but I am getting a lot of tear out these days.  I expect that I need to replace/sharpen the blades.  I just upgraded by 6" jointer to a Shelix Helical head and love it.  I'd like to do the same to the Wen, but I can't find any helical heads for the Wen.  Does anybody have experience doing this?  I know the head would cost more than the planer itself ($340).  But the motor seems good and it seems that a good head on this machine would make it servicable for a long time to come..  I could get a Dewalt for $600, but I'd still have straight blades.  I also have the Wen built into a flip top in my large assembly bench.  The Dewalt wouldn't fit.  Appreciate any thoughts people my have. 

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It may be helpful to reach out to Byrd to see if the helical head they offer for the DW734 will work in other brands. A lot of those lunchbox planers are just like their bigger cousins and use a lot of the same parts to keep costs down for the different manufactures. A lot of the times the differences comes down to quality control which is where a good portion of tool costs can come from.

That said there are offerings like this (https://www.woodcraft.com/products/rikon-13-benchtop-planer-with-helical-cutterhead-model-25-130h) that on sale could be quite affordable. If you could sell your planer for $200 you'd be paying little more than the cost of a cutter head for both a new planer and new cutter head installed and ready to go.

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4 hours ago, Gnarlyavelly said:

Did you find a solution OP? I have the chance at getting one of these wen planers for 120 dollars and was wondering if this upgrade is possible. I see some Canadian website that has a helical head listed but I don’t know if it’s trustworthy. 

Don't be surprised if you don't get a response as the OP hasn't been here since January..

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