Where to get veneer backer paper?

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The title says it all.  Typing 'veneer backer paper' into google hardly yields a thing.  I'd like to find 30-40 mil if possible.  Thanks for any leads.

EDIT: I've just learned applying actual veneer backer paper requires temps and pressures no achievable by a home practitioner. So what other ways can I take a raw veneer and make it flat using modified urea resin glue (arriving soon)? I've been told using a cheaper veneer as a backer works as well. Any other paper-like options out there?
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Forgive my ignorance as i dont know much about veneering,


But i googled VENEER SUPPLIES 

which brought me here: 



And then put BACKER PAPER into their search,

which returned results of "paper backed" veneers like this: 

Paper-Backed Red Oak Veneer -Flat Cut (Premium Grade)


Is that what you're after?




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On 6/12/2024 at 4:29 PM, bradleyheathhays said:

Thanks but no sorry.  I'm seeing that in the search results too but all I want is the paper used to back the veneer.  I'll be applying it to raw veneer myself.

Ah, got it. I figured it wouldn't be that easy! Good luck...

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Why do you need paper backing for your veneer? I’ve never read/heard of anyone doing this. Commercially bought veneer can be wavy or bumpy but is flattened out in the process of applying it to the substrate. It doesn’t need to be perfectly flat before. 

Or are you trying to use veneer in some other application? 

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