Spraying a bracelet


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I'm having trouble finding a way to spray a wooden bracelet. You cant hold it whilst spraying as the entire thing needs to be sprayed in one go and you can't fix it to anything because the "fixed" part wont get sprayed. I tried rigging up a pin on the end of a piece of wood which would be small enough to not leave a mark in the inside of the bracelet but then the air pressure from the gun is too string to hold it straight. Anybody got any ideas? A similar question would be how to spray a ball, same problem....



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I've attached a photo of the bracelet, it's about 3 1/2" across and 1/2" wide. I want to spray it rather than use a wipe on finish because I will be gilding it first and the leaf may come off if i rub on the finish. Since I have about 10 of these to make I was hoping there would be an "easy" way to do it :-)



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You could also use dual wire springs, like a piece of thin spring steel in the shape of a V. Tie a string to the center point of the V, compress the top end of the V and hook the two points (the top two points) into the inside center of the ring. Invert the whole thing and hang or tie from a line strung across the room for spraying many at one time.


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Easiest way I can think of is to dip it. Use fishhooks to put it in and take it out, and hang it right over the tray you dipped in. (Or set a lot of rags / paper towels beneath it.)

Dolphin hooks have the largest "mouth" on the fishhooks, and are fairly easy to come by. Contrary to the name, they are not used on dolphins. They just have a wide mouth... 5/16" or bigger, if my memory serves. Just remember to cut off the barbs with a pair of side-cutter pliers, or bend the barb against the body of the hook. (BTW, there are hooks that are larger, but I don't know how easy it is to come by them.)

I've tried propping items up on paperclips, but those have too large a point to work adequately. maybe straight pins through styrofoam would work to prop it up after finishing?

As for the ball, use the dipping tray, and pour the finish over it. use a small ladle / spoon/ dipping cup/ whatever to scoop finish back up and dribble/pour back over the ball. You probably want to make a "cradle" out of something to keep the ball from rolling while you apply the coats...

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