Iwasaki wood files

Tom King

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Quite simply, these things are awesome!!!  I just got some of the extreme fine cut ones on sale at Woodcraft.  Even these x-fine cut ones cut fast, and leave an amazingly smooth finish.   I like them so much, I'm going to order the ones that I didn't get.


Woodcraft has a video too on them.


I got the plane float ones from Lee Valley, and probably won't bother to sharpen the ones that do the same thing that came from LN again.



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Absolutely. I can get them in Europe, where they're called 'carving files' - which pretty much describes them to a 'T'. Using the extra-fine files you barely need to use sandpaper afterwards. Wonderful for shaping things, and as said above they work wonders on small tenons, when you don't have a small shoulder plane.


I'm working on a piece of Wengè, which seems to defy my planes and chisels, but those Iwasaki files don't seem to notice at all!



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