Hello from Orange county NY

Gary Gilbert

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I never posted a Hello and all about me thread...


 So HEllo,

 my name is Gary, I live in upstate NY I a greenhorn when it come to wood working.. I'm Medically Disabled so that means I spend a good bit of my time watching youtube videos on my duff.  My main form of work as been concrete decor and fiberglass. but the last 5 or so years I have just done design and concepts for people. I am in the middle of trying to fix up my house to sell  to move to a place that has a small shop or a garage there. I joined cause I love to see what you guys do with the different kinds of woods. I wanted to blend my crete work with some of the higherend wood. I don't have much as far as wood working tools not even a table saw..lol only enough to get by and they are not the best but they do the job..  well I hope to learn from the people here .. have a good day


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as of right now I have nothing worth sharing. All I am working on is a giant pottery wheel 60x60x24".. I'm building it low buck.. I have figured out I have zero space to build or do anything in my house all I have is a rear deck..   Thanks for the welcomes and I hope to learn a lot..

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yea. i found a deal on a some stuff i could not let pass.. it is sitting in the rear porch under a tarp.. I am thinking of extending the little shed i have here.  we have had a lot of problems with the house and since i don't know people in my area to give me a hand . it is all on me.  O here is a good one I wake up and find the neighbors horse in my pool. so now we have to fix that as well..

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