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Get some copper, brass or aluminum tubing the diameter you like. Offset the screw joint about  4" into the tubing. So a 8" section of tubing should reinforce the joint nicely. A little epoxy and maybe a countersunk screw or 2 will stabilize the fixed end. I imagine the dowel screw will need to be accurately centered.

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Have you looked into hardware for pool cues? They are smaller diameter at the connection point but still very solid. 

Make sure the faces mate perfectly or else any connection method will be more likely to fail. 


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Thank you all for the suggestions.

I found a solution by using the Beall Wood Threader.

I made the threads on the male side easily and they look great.

The taping of the threaded hole on the female side was another story. I was tapping g into end grain which, by Beall's own admission does not work very well. What I found however was that while the tapping did not produce crisp threads, it did produce usable threads. Seeing that they will be invisible in most cases  I decided to use them. I also poured wood stabilizer into the hole and allowed it to coat the threads. 

After about 10 minutes I poured out the excess stabilizer and allowed it to dry.

This gave me a very acceptable join.

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