Jet JWBS-14SFX 14 inch bandsaw

Mark J

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On 1/10/2021 at 5:00 PM, Mark J said:

@Debbiew0820, I'm not entirely clear about what difficulty you're encountering, but let me start here.  

There is a nut at the end of the threaded rod operated by the tension knob at the top of the saw.  If you loosen tension too much that nut will come off.  Earlier in this thread I posted a close up photo of the nut at the bottom end of the tesion mechanism that was taken through one of the holes in the upper wheel. 

Is that nut still in place on your saw?  If not look for it in the bottom of the upper case.  If you don't see it it may be hung up on the wheel mount and a little shaking should dislodge it.  

Once you have the nut make sure the tension release lever is in the release position.  Now using your finger tips and your entire lexicon of swear words you have to snake the nut through the holes in the upper wheel and hold it in position long enough to get the threads of the tension rod engaged.  This probably took me fifty tries. 

There is probably a way to dismount the upper wheel, but the manual was silent on the subject and I was shy about trying to dismantle my new saw not being sure I could return everything to normal.

I too got a brand new Jet JWBS-14SFX.  I am assembling for the first time.  Without even touching the tensioner knob, the tension quick release lever will not stay up.  In addition, it does not move the wheel at all so I can't get the blade on.  The knob on the threaded bar IS on and up against a metal plate at the top of the rod. I have tightened and loosened the tensioner knob with no effect other than the thread bar turns  but the wheel does nothing.  Again - brand new out of the box.     Any thoughts?

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On 4/4/2019 at 9:56 AM, Mark J said:


@Ed Russell, I agree with Just Bob, assuming I understand you correctly.   The nut we're talking about is in the above photo.  The picture is taken through one of the small holes in the upper wheel.  You see the tip of the threaded tensioning rod.  Above this is the nut.  The nut restrains a plate, which in turn compresses a spring (barely visible above the plate).  Look through the holes in your upper wheel at bottom end of the tensioning rod, if it doesn't look like the photo, then I suspect that nut is loose and rattling around somewhere.   If you can pull the upper wheel it should be easy to reinstall the nut.  

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Thank you Bob and Mark.  The nut is in place.  In my post by mistake I said the knob was in place (i was just so excited about my very first post).  So the nut is in place just like your picture Mark.  But when I move the release handle up it does not move the wheel at all.  Something about the mechanism is just not right despite it being new out of the box.   I am going to call Jet on Monday

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18 minutes ago, Ed Russell said:

 I am going to call Jet on Monday

Definitely! (and also ask them about how to remove & reinstall the top wheel should that be necessary some day).

The tensioning lever rotates a cam that in turn lifts the the top wheel, tensioning the blade.  My second wild guess is that the lever is not properly connected to the cam.  When you rotate the lever, "something" should rotate in the upper compartment.   

And welcome to this forum.  

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