Danish oil, how long before you can apply laquer

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I have built a box with some nice figured wood and have applied Danish oil to bring out the curl. I want to give it a coat or two of lacquer for protection. How long do you think between the Danish oil and applying the lacquer.?

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You and I live in similar climates.  I did a danish oil and clear coat finish last year.  I took three pieces of scraps from the project and put danish oil on them, then at three, five and seven days I tested the finish on top of the oil.  Three days was to soon I got orange peel texture on my sample.  If I really had to I could of sprayed after 5 but I was much happier with 7 day.  But this doesn't mean that it will work in exactly the same way for you.  I would suggest you do test samples yourself, but this should give you some idea of what you are up against.

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General rule of thumb on curing finishes; when it stops smelling it is done curing.  I tend to go by feel and smell.  If it feels bone-dry and I have to nearly touch it with my nose to smell it, its ready.  Depending on how the finish was applied this can be a week or a month.  Early on I used to flood oils during the first coat.  This led to month long curing times.  I have since backed off on the quantity initially applied and add Japan drier when the humidity is high.

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