Cosmanized! Rob Cosman dovetailing gear

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3 minutes ago, Chestnut said:

Off topic but are you still working your 2nd job? I haven't stopped in at the store in a long time.

Hi drew 

Not really. I dont work in the store any more. 

I do handplane and sharpening demos on occasion, but that is about it. 

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49 minutes ago, JohnG said:

Except isn’t he working with WoodRiver/Woodcraft to develop their planes these days? :P

maybe I spoke too soon as I no longer see LN products on his webpage. 

Doesn't really matter. Like I said, I only bought the LN plane because he advocates for using one in his dovetail technique, and LN is my favorite manufacturer of planes. 

I am kind of surprised the there doesn't seem to be any connection between Rob Cosman and Lee Valley. 

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That's awesome Doug!

Not sure its the best way or even the simplest but I found it very easy to get those results on repeatable basis following his process so for me its my chosen way. 

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