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I know using the lathe with a chuck makes a lot of these operations possible but finding the center of something always seems tricky. I'm not sure if anyone has seen this before but Andy Klien mentioned it in one of his videos and the guide with the centering vise is really appealing and interesting.

Any one have any thoughts on this product?

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26 minutes ago, pkinneb said:

Drew I have a version of that (much cheaper) that I use at my drill press and it works great for pen tubes anything bigger I use a drill chuck on the lathe.

Mine is closer to this

The centering vise isn't that expensive for the rockler kit it adds ~$60 to the cost. The drill guide is the big cost and the tool that i think is more innovative. For larger items that wouldn't work well on a drill press due to size the guide makes it east to do at a work bench. The other application that stuck me as being awesome is the angle adjustment on it. For drilling holes for seat slats say on a maloof rocker or Windsor chair this jig might make things a lot easier. Unnecessary yes as home made jigs and other methods work but then there is the domino.

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I have a very old version of that.  I don't remember the brand name, but it was ordered out of Fine Woodworking magazine, from an ad.  I have a dedicated Rockwell drill that's still in it.  That was from the years that Rockwell had bought out Porter-Cable, so it must have been the mid '70's.  It has a couple of V's on top of the base for center drilling something round.  It's come in handy quite a number of times.

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