Leaf, vine - test inlay piece

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David, really cool project and you’re doing great on the video part. And the acoustic guitar was lagniappe! Thanks for sharing. Can you give us a little, 1000 word or less, the process of getting your ideas into the cnc itself, for those of us not familiar with a cnc? 

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Thanks, Coop!  It really starts the same way I do inlay with my Dremel or scrollsaw, I just make a sketch.  Sometimes it's on paper and sometimes I use CorelDraw.  Occasionally I will search for something close to what I want and if I find an image I'll bring it into CorelDraw to modify or just use for a model while I draw from scratch.  For this test I drew it from scratch.

For images that I'll cut with the scrollsaw or Dremel then I just need a rough sketch but if it's to be cut on the CNC then I have to zoom in very close to every intersection and change in direction to make certain there aren't tiny loops or open sections in the drawing.

If it's to be cut on the CNC then I import that image as a dxf or svg into Fusion 360 or Carveco and begin deciding on tools, order of cut, and generating the toolpath.

That's the basic premise and my methodology.


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