Can someone advise me?

Cindy R

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First of all, one does that VERY carefully!

Kidding aside, the safest way I can imagine is to construct a box-like jig to hold the leg firmly and provide a straight edge to ride the saw fence. If the top of the leg has a square section, this will be easy to do with some lengths of 2x4 or plywood strips. The wood should be wider than the widest part of the leg, by at least enough to join the parts with screws that are OUTSIDE the cutting area. Even of the leg has no square part, just attach small blocks inside each end of the box to "cradle" both ends of the leg so it can't shift or twist. Make the ends of the box-like jig tall enough that you can slide the leg in from one side and drop it into the "cradles". With the ends that tall, you can slice the leg without cutting the jig apart, thus allowing it to be used again. Just be careful to align the cut to miss any fasteners.

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My first thought was to use a taper jig like Marc made.  You may need to add extra shims or screw on additional hold downs.  And after you're done you have the added benefit of having a really nice taper jig.  DO NOT however use the more common taper jigs that has a hinge at the front and has no hold downs whatsoever.  To me those look like just accidents just waiting to happen.  A link to Marc's vid below in case you haven't seen it already.

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