Mahogany door splitting


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Good evening all. Very glad to have found this forum.

Hope to benefit from your experience.

I am fixing up a house with a beautiful mahogany door. It is on the south side of the house and has seen no real maintenance in about 6yrs.

The panels are starting to split along glue lines. Any advise on how I might bring this door back to good shape?

Disassembling the door is not an option.





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You may be able to pull fresh glue into the joints by appying the glue to one side, while pulling a vacuum on the opposite side, with a shop or houshold vacuum cleaner. Clamping the pieces to get a tight fit will be tricky. A wooden clamping aid, in the form of a long, skinny "C" shape, might catch the shoulders of the raised panel, allowing a clamp across the mouth of the C to pull the C closed like a pincher, and tighten up the gaps.

The corners of the C need to be hinged, or at least flexible enough to bend under the pressure of the clamp.  The effect should be similar to using the tip of a wooden hand screw clamp, if it could open wide enough to span that panel.

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