Can I mix jatoba and cherry


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I'm about to build a new walk-in closet with several drawers and a few larger doors.  Want to give it a high end feel by using clear finished.

I have a pretty good stash of 3/4 x 5" jatoba that I'd used as plain drawer front in another closet that I'd like to repurpose for this one.

Can I use the jatoba for rails & stiles on shaker style drawer fronts/doors and cherry 1/4" plywood for panels?  Will it match or clash?

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both woods have a considerable variety of color. If you have the wood in front of you, you need to decide whether they go well together or not rather than asking us to judge, sight-unseen.


Their expansion characteristics are quite close to each other so that won't be a factor.

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Mixing materials is a personal choice thing as far as what looks good.  This is pecan and cherry for example.


Everything is oecan except the door panel and the crown.


Not a combination that immediately comes to mind but as the pecan and cherry age they get pretty happy with each other.  Your closet will not get a lot of UV exposure so your colors (under a clear coat) will be pretty much what you get.  If they look good to you I would go for it.

That being said I have learned that 5 years later I don't even recall running to the lumber yard for another $200 worth of wood but I am very happy with the result.

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I have a feeling that will clash. Jatoba is a more open large pore wood with the pores in a diffuse nature, the color is dark red. Cherry has a more semi-ring porus structure with small pores, the color is more mellow medium brown towards salmon. That said this is a very subjective question and it's goign to depend on the person looking at it and the lighting in the room.

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Thanks folks.  I have the jatoba but would have to order the cherry panels so was looking for experienced feedback.  Once they arrive, it's a little late if I don't like the match.

I think I'll take gee-dub's attitude.  Since we're into our "aging-in-place" house extension for $200K plus, what's another few hundred to buy all new stock instead of repurposing what I have.  Hmmmm, maybe the jatoba would look nice trimming some of the benches in my workshop! :-)

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