Sealing over chipped melamine


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I've got this mini assembly table that's a piece of melamine with hardwood banding around it. Unfortunately I have some chipping on the melamine and some small gaps at my 45 degree miter joints in the banding. I was trying to think of something to solve both problems. What can I do to fill those gaps and try to prevent any further chipping of the plastic coating? Anything?



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If you have some scrap pieces of the melamine, I would use some 150-180 grit sand paper to make a small pile of melamine sanding dust. Mix it with epoxy and use it to fill the chip-outs and gap.

If it is possible to remove pieces of the hardwood banding, I would remove the one on top (in the photo) then trim the miter of the one on the right. This will allow the gap to close as you replace the top one. However, it appears that the top one will then be a bit too short. You may have to replace it with a new one.

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On 5/22/2023 at 9:07 PM, Coop said:

As long as the working surface is flat and fills your needs without problems …….. eh, it’s shop furniture and only you think it’s butt ugly! 

Ugly is fine but I don't want it to keep chipping. Maybe it never will but I will try the Seamfil first.

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