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On 8/26/2023 at 7:18 PM, Coop said:

@gee-dub, what made you decide on the metal base with casters for the belt sander in lieu of just casters for the others? 

I had the base leftover from my "in between" temporary shop where I had to roll a contractor saw out into the driveway for use. That "all terrain" Rockler base was on sale for about $100 at the time and worked great while that was going on.  Once the new shop was complete it was just laying around in the way so I put it into service.  I have sets of casters in stock but they take up less room so I used the base instead of them.  Apparently I just have spurts of really broken logic at times. :huh:

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My tools pretty much stay put. Router tables and plane4 are the only thing I move othe4 than occasionally moving the table saw to get something in…

Feeling pretty good that ai have my work bench, table saw and RAS cleared off at the same time. It has been a struggle to keep things off the tools.. I was looking for something the other dauphinois under a bench and found a nice Senco brand nailer in a case. I forgot I even had it..

When I was focused on cabinet work I could easy keep the shop up. When I switched to full time furniture, my shop got hit by a twister..


We have a new trash company. The old trash company furnished me wit( an extra trash can for saw dust, wood scraps, etc. The new trash company want $35 for an additional can and nothing can be laying next to the trash can or they won’t rake it. But I’m having trouble getting rid of wood scraps and will probably pay tye $35..

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