Mitered corners ?


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What I've done to miter corners on straight stock is draw a perpendicular guide line parallel to the end the same distance as the width of the piece. I then draw a straight line from where the guide meets the edge of the piece to the opposite corner. I repeat on the opposite face. Then I erase the lines outside the edge of the miter. On occasion I've had to draw a rectangle across the end because SketchUp didn't recognize the new edges for some reason but in most cases it works just fine.

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I find it sometimes helps to work out a sketchup problem the same way as I would with a physical piece of wood:

1- make your moulding component with a square-end, and cut overly long

2- create a rectangle to act as a saw blade

3- rotate the rectangle to the correct orientation for the mitre cut

4- move the "saw-blade" rectangle to the position you want to make the cut

5- select "Edit->Intersect Faces" to actually make the cut

6- delete anything on the waste side of the cut.

you only have to do it twice (once on each end) for each moulding profile since you can then copy and paste the mitred moulding changing the length as needed for other components.

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