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Looks like I'll have about $500 to spend on a band saw. Would like to know any recommendations anyone has. Looking at ridgid or pc 14" at the box stores.

Clicked on Grainger link on Marcs site and found a brand they carry called Schlepp? Anybody have any experience with them?

Any saws anyone thinks I shouldn't consider.


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I'm in the Philly area as well. Craigslist is filled with great options if you keep an eye out and are patient. I picked up a 16" grizzly (1990 I think) for 300$ works awesome no issues except replacing the guide block holders. If you don't want to go used I would again suggest Grizzly, they have a model below 500$ and several just above. You could also drive to Muncy Pa to avoid shipping costs. Or wait until their tent sale in May and get a really good deal!

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Any other piece of equipment and I'm a HUGE Ridgid fan. I love my tablesaw, my routers, my 18 volt drill/drivers.... but the Ridgid Bandsaw has been plagued with issues. They have been seeing major league issues with the castings, particularly the upper wheel support. Once they fail, there's no going back, and they fail without warning. Not repairable.

Scroll down, read the reviews...

Overall I love my selection of Ridgid tools, and their warranty (in most cases) is second to none. But when it's time for a new band saw... I'll be looking at Delta and Grizzly.

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I bouht this saw, and have been very happy it's a little north of your buget though


have this one too.  Pretty happy with it once I got it tuned up.  wouldn't have taken nearly as long if I new anything about band saws when I got it.  for the money, very good, IMO.  If I had it to do over, I would probably go bigger, but would end up spending a lot more

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+1 Craigs List...I was patient and looked a lot until I found a Jet 18" bandsaw, one year old for $800. It was hardly used so it was a good buy. The 18" was what I was holding out for but all along the journey, I saw a lot of smaller saws at good buys.  If it were me again, I'd do it the same way - just buy a quality name and beware of "production shops" as those guys get heavier use. Or....since you're in PA, I'm +1 on taking a trip to Muncy! So far, my DC is Grizzly and my one year old baby is a Grizzly - 5HP Table Saw. Have to be careful...she has a lot of teeth. :P

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Thanks for the input. Glad I asked, I've been looking at the rigid (found one on cl at $280)

Looks like its almost unanimous for the grizzly, and the $79.00 shipping looks like a deal compared to a 6 hour round trip drive to muncy. Probably will order the GO555 tomorrow .

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