Tablesaw Outfeed, Assembly, Drawer Unit


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I had been meaning to replace my tablesaw outfeed for some time.  I was also only partially happy with my assembly surfaces.  Add to that a drawer unit I recently sent packing to free up some floor space and I needed a combination solution.  I gathered ideas (aren't we always gathering ideas?) from my own needs and experience along with various other folks really great solutions and ended up with a design that I felt would work well for me.

I start with a laminated top of 2 layers of 3/4" BB ply.

TS-Outfeed (4).jpg

You can see my sled support jig in action here.

TS-Outfeed (5).jpg

I use my large sled to square this up.

TS-Outfeed (6).jpg

I use a template to cut my slots and dog holes.

TS-Outfeed (11).jpg

The template is registered for the next set of dog holes by using the previous set.

TS-Outfeed (12).jpg

The slots are for other clamping options.

TS-Outfeed (13).jpg

The top section is actually removeabl and wouldn't you know it, the attachment points align with my workbenches dog holes in case I ever need a large elevated surface.

TS-Outfeed (28).jpg

This carcass gives me more drawers than I gave up so (read as Bill Murray in Caddy Shack) I got that going for me.

TS-Outfeed (34).jpg

TS-Outfeed (29).jpg

Some scrap walnut out of the bin made me some false fronts and I make my own pulls.

TS-Outfeed (38).jpg

TS-Outfeed (37).jpg

After using a "temporary" outfeed for a few years I decided to forego the miter bar slots that my previous version had.  I set the outfeed 3/8" below the tablesaw surface and the miter bars slide right over.  I have not found this difference in height to ever be a problem BUT, I do very little work with sheetgoods; mostly ripping and crosscutting hardwoods.

The combination of dog holes and slots along with a dead flat top give me a wide variety of clamping options. 

TS-Outfeed (40).jpgTS-Outfeed (41).jpg

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4 minutes ago, Woodenskye said:

Very nice!  I would like a little more on your infeed sled, like how you attached.

Here's the skinney on that.  comes in handy for the taper/straight-line sled too.

TS Sled Support (6).jpg

The little piece of pegboard just happened to be the perfect spacer to match the table height; that was just luck.

TS Sled Support (8).jpg

TS Sled Support (7).jpg

TS Sled Support (10).jpg

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