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When you need advice I always find it with you guys. I am looking to buy a new drill press. My sears is terrible. The arbor is bent and I can't drill straight holes. I do a lot of pens, salt and pepper grinders, and other accessories. What drill press do you guys recommend. Lets try to keep it below $1000. Business is slow right now. thanks.

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I have this PC one from Lowes and am totally happy with it: http://www.lowes.com/pd_78742-46069-PCB660DP_0__?productId=3162489

 Unless you have specific needs that dictate otherwise, I am not sure it is worth spending big money on a DP.  This PC one has worked out great for me so far, and know I've seen a few others on the forum with the same one. Fine Woodworking mag also named this DP best value buy in the past year or so.

It also isn't too hard to find a 10% off coupon - or Lowes  also give this discount for Military/Armed Service members if applicable to you.

I was originally looking at either a Jet or even that Powermatic one, but just couldn't justify the premium.

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Thanks guys. I knew I could count on you. I have looked at the Jet. It is not available until mid April. I will go tomorrow to Lowes and check out the porter cable. I have read good reviews on it. I just need a drill press that drills straight.

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I've had good experiences with Acme.  They also offered a new customer discount of 10% off when I signed on to their mailing list last year - may be worth checking out. I get emails every so often with current promotions, coupon codes, etc.

Looks like a nice drill press, enjoy

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10 hours ago, wdwerker said:

You can put a dress on a pig.......

You really hate this DP, huh? ha ha.  It's really not that bad.  I know you mentioned your similar Delta is in bad shape after 10-15 years... honestly if a $300 tool lasts me 10-15 years, I am ok with that and feel like I would have gotten my moneys worth! I probably would have upgraded by then anyway.  

While I generally agree buying the highest quality you can afford is the way to go, sometimes you have to make a trade off.  For me, it was buying a cheaper drill press so I could afford other tools that would get more use in my shop... I don't use the DP all that often but do need one, so this made a lot of sense for me at the time.

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Thanks, I will certainly look into the discount. I have been working with a Sears drill press the last two years. Now the arbor is wearing to the point that it will not drill holes straight. I use it a lot. I turn pens and salt and pepper grinders. Need holes to be straight. Will have to purchase a lathe when that starts wearing.

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