how to revitalize grippers grip


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i have a used gripper the yelo and green surface gripping  tool, i have used alcohol and acetone to try and get the green to grab again,, no luck took sand paper to it to get threw the hard skin on it and was better but still not good any ideas? can you get new rubber or vinyl matting or am i just going to have to buy another gripper.

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First off, I'd check with the company to see what they say.  They may have a warranty or something that covers this.  They may also have advice on this.

I've used this stuff for a variety of projects, including push pads and other 'grippy' stuff, and would be my first choice to replace the sticky on the gripper.  I'd just scrap off the green stuff, rough sand the plastic, and CA or Epoxy the rubber to the plastic, then trim to size.   That mat is a "little" big for what you need, you might be able to find similar material in much smaller sizes. 

Others may have a better idea though.....

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I use my Grippers constantly in my shop and alcohol is all I've needed to clean mine. Maybe they picked up something ? I would contact the company and see what your options are.

I have modified my Grippers and even cut a complete kerf thru one section. Made my own tail stops too. When you have to cut over 600 small accurate parts it's worth the effort for safety, accuracy and production rate.

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32 minutes ago, estesbubba said:

I have the same problem and DNA doesn't get them back to new but mine are 10+ years old so watching this thread. 

With 10+ years on them I am guessing that they have paid for themselves by now. I think that pushblocks are safety consumables much like masks of gloves. If they can't be brought back you have got your money out of them. 

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mine were the older version, and they told me they do loose there grip after years of use, but could still replace with black parts which i assume are from the older models they seem to be all yellow now, but hey if they work again all is good and to warrantee a old product says a lot for the company.

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Well my experience with MJ wasn't as good. I emailed explaining mine weren't gripping and if they had any suggestions. Their response was the rubber loses grip over time and pointed me to the replacement legs which would total $150! I responded that was crazy and asked if they sold just the rubber and their response was no but we can sell you the parts for 1/2 off. 

Bought some MEK and used a little with green scotchbrite and it softened the rubber (and anything else it touches). Wore gloves and my finishing mask as it is some nasty stuff! 

We'll see how it works long-term. If not I'll find my own rubber replacements. 

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