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Braun Light Bar

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So recently I've spent some time wiring outlets in my shop and since we have day jobs and other commitments my time has been in the evening and early night. The shop doesn't have electricity yet so I've been running a long extension cable to halogen lamp I've had. But this was a pain adjusting it and the lamp gets hot so quickly. I just happen to be glancing through harbor freight ad one moring while eating breakfast and saw this LED light bar they had on sale for 30 bucks. So I figured I'd try this out since it was rechargable and looked very portable. Now generally I only buy tarps and disposable gloves from harbor freight so my expectations were pretty low. 

But I have been impressed with the light. It stands up on its own and provides light in one direction. There is a hook on each end of the bar that folds into the handle which would make it nice and easy to hang on things. Each end also has magnets as well to attach to something like your car hood. However I am skeptical of these, they do not seem very strong and I wouldn't be too confident having the bar stay put with the magnets. 

The box advertises 7 hours of run time, this I am pretty skeptical of. I have only run it on battery for about three hours at a time and the light stays nice and bright. So I will have to see how this part works over time if the battery holds up. It comes with a small charger which definitely takes a bit to charge up the battery. But it does have a red light to indicate charging and green to show charged. It also comes with a cigarette type charger for the car.

Overall I am pretty pleased with this light bar. I've looked at some of the lighting solutions from the big brands and while it is nice to swap batteries between tools 100 to 200 bucks for a light often without a battery seems oftly expensive. This seems like a pretty good alternative for 30 bucks while on sale. Normal price is 40 bucks. Still seems like a decent deal to me at that price. 

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I know nothing about lights, other than it should come on when you flip the switch. I too only buy consumables from HF unless it’s a one timer. Let us know how this holds up and works for you. 

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