Is this a good buy?

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Im a beginner just getting started and stumbled across this


Would this be a good buy?  Looking at around $70


Im assuming i could clean this up and it would serve a good purpose for just getting going?


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What are you planning on using it for?

I had the Craftsman version of that machine. It was extremely loud, the fence didn't lock well, the jibs that hold the blades snug stripped and it was LOUD.  I was never able to get a 4' long edge on it so I got rid of it. 

If I only needed to joint edges under 2', I would use it. 

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If you are a beginner and at this point not real comfortable with the operation of a jointer, I would go look at it and ask the seller to show you how it surfaces a face and edge on a piece of lumber.  If he has no problem showing you those two operations and the results are good then I would offer something around $50.

But remember, like Brendon said above a machine like that is going to have certain limitations and starting with some smaller projects could be the way to go.

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Floor standing 6 inch models can be readily available and are a good place to start as a lot of hobbyist sellers are up grading to 8 or 12 inch models.  Grizzly, Powermatic, Jet, older Delta's  even Ridgid all can be good but you need to be mindful of what you are getting.  And the longer the tables the better.  As a self declared newb you should ask for a demo unless you are comfortable doing it yourself.  Take a piece of lumber maybe 18 - 24 inches long, 3 - 4 inches wide to test with.  If you have a good straight edge take that with you to check that the tables are flat. 

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