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White Oak Score, Plan to Quatersaw

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Ol Spanks got a point. Sometime the juice isn't worth the squeeze.  When we clear cut 20 some odd acres to add to grazing land, on our farm, my uncle gave all of the logs away. I was young but remember the deal. Guy from church asked about the logs before we started cutting. My uncle told him if he takes one, he takes them all (actual trees, we burned brush and saplings) .  

Ol boy came up on hundreds of logs of various species but a lot of oak. He build a log cabin. Point being, some loggers would have happily bought the big timber, wrecked the pasture going in and out but left cash.  Apparently my uncle didn't want to deal with it and the church handshake worked out well.

What I wouldn't do to run into that come up these days.  You could have built a 5000 sqft home out of it. 

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