5" outlet to 90 degree hard elbow for dust collector

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I am going to vent outside but i need a hard 90 degree elbow and there doesnt seem to be any 5" elbows The measurement on my outlet is 4.75"


you guys know of anything that will give me ridge 90 degree eblow that will work with a 4.75" outlet?

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Figure out a different way to do it. What you wanting to do there is basically reducing down to a 4" tight 90* elbow & that's going to kill airflow. Something that might work is to make a duct out of plywood & then put turning vanes inside to tame the turbulence. They can be had from an HVAC duct supplier. You would want to make it oversize as well & then fabricate a reducer to fit the outlet.

Any chance you can post a picture?

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What drzaius and RichardA said; find another way, you will hurt your airflow too much with your plan.  Many times people do not think about back-pressure in DC systems.  If your filter bag is blowing up like a balloon, get more filter media.  Exhausting outside is Nirvana, don't exit the freeway into a wall.

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