refurbishing old Craftsman bandsaw - need help

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Hello all.  I've been lurking and reading here for a couple of months now.  I am very new to woodworking and I'm putting together a shop mostly from garage sale/craigslist items.  I got a 12" Craftsman bandsaw that has been in storage for a number of years.  It runs well but needed some tuning up.  I have put new tires and thrust bearings on it so far.  While aligning the blade I discovered this issue.  the blade rubs against the upper blade guide (not the insert!).  I have a few pictures that hopefully show the issue.  I am not sure what the cause is?  Is the blade guide worn out?  Is the blade guide bar/bracket worn out?

the last one is the lower blade guide as a comparison

any advise from the learned folks on this forum is greatly appreciated!

bandsaw guide 2.jpg

bandsaw guide 1.jpg

bandsaw guide 3.jpg

bandsaw guide 4.jpg

lower bandsaw guide 1.jpg

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yeah, I was hoping I would just be able to adjust the guide assy left or right but that doesn't appear possible.  The blade guide (that holds the inserts) when not locked down by the set screw seems very loose inside the slot.  It slides forward and back correctly but also has a lot of play left and right but no way to make an adjustment there.

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that is one of my theories for what is wrong.  But what in the world would bend something like that without destroying the rest of the saw?  it's 3/4" steel!  I do see a bar on Ebay for 8 bucks + shipping.  Might just grab that.  I think I'll take the bar off this evening and check it out.


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I'm a real newby at this avocation.  I've tried a couple of end tables with minimal success so far. I was unable to get good square cuts so things weren't lining up well. I think I am going to try some smaller items to work on skills and confidence.  maybe some tissue boxes, bedside docking station, things like that.

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