Jet 14sfx tire change

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Does anyone own this bandsaw? If so, does anyone know how to remove the bottom wheel? I’m trying to put new tires on the wheels, but I can’t figure out how to get the lower wheel off. I’ve looked everywhere online, but nowhere have I found someone who discusses removing the bottom wheel nor instructions from Jet about how to remove the bottom wheel. I’ve found tons of info about many other Jet models, but from my experience since buying it, it’s made completely different from all their other bandsaws. Hell, it took me 2 months and 5 different orders before finding an insert that fit the table. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I have the original version of the saw (it was modified several months after initially going on sale).  But I have no idea how to remove either wheel.  Hopefully you'll tell me when you find out.

When I changed the tires on my previous bandsaw it was with the wheels mounted.  I found it a royal pita, so maybe taking the wheels off would make it easier.  

Currious why you need to change tires already?  You must put a lot of "miles" on your saw.

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