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Ok now we are down in the minutia but I could not find any real good info. So after gluing up the box and sanding the sides and ends they look pretty good and flush. It is not enough to make the box “wobble” when it is on its base, but what do you do at the corners if one board is slightly proud of the other?  On a scrap test piece I tried a little block plane but it almost added a “dip” in the board if you looked at it from the side. I was only trying to take off the proud part, but do you have to plane the entire top of the box to keep all of the parts looking flush and true?  It is small bit proud and if you are not looking for it or feeling for it, I am not sure you would find the points and I almost feel like I make it look worse trying to make them totally flush than just leaving that little bit proud on one or two of the corners that you can see. 

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4 hours ago, Chestnut said:

Depends on the size of the box. If it's small enough a sheet of sand paper on a flat surface and lap the entire box. For drawres I'll use a jointer plane.

Ok I will give that a try!  I have a piece of plate glass that I can can put a sheet of sandpaper and the box should fix.  I do not have a jointer planer but the edge that is proud at the corner is so small a planer might take too much.  

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