New-to-me drill press


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On 9/12/2022 at 10:24 PM, Coop said:

Congrats Collin! Looks like a sweet machine. 

Thanks. I know it’s just hardware and it’s what I do with it that counts. The old Ceaftsman would drill holes but the bed wasn’t suitable for a table and this one has a crank lift. 
The one feature of the Craftsman that I would have liked to use was locking the bit in position. Might have been interesting to put an X-Y table on it for doing what a router often does. I tried it manually but the bearings weren’t stable enough. Too much chatter for even shallow milling. I might have used that for some simple edging. But alas.
This doesn’t have that position lock. 

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Drill presses aren't designed for those side loads, you would have just ruined the quill.  The quill lock is there to hold the bit in place above the work while you position it.  Later in life it is abused to compensate for wear.  I just brought home one in its last stages of life with it being abused like that.  I replaced the handle with a bolt so it would stay in just the right spot to take out the play but not hinder the up and down movement because I made the mistake of touching it and knocking loose all the gunk that was keeping it in the right spot.


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This is an interesting continuation to the story. I put the old unit up for sale at a price that I thought would make it sell quickly. A guy came buy, a Craftsman collector, and only bought the motor. Apparently a rare and desirable item. So now I'm looking for a motor to mount on it so I can sell it. Hate to scrap it. (I won't.)

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