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Those will work nicely.  I have similar ones under a drill press. 

I like four swivels under a planer.  When running a bunch of pieces that require multiple passes, we spin the planer 180 rather than pass the pieces back and forth.

With everything else I use two fixed ones.  It makes it a bit harder to maneuver the machine, but it doesn't ever get squirrely when using it.  A planer does the pulling itself, so it doesn't matter much.  With two fixed, you only have to lock one of the lockers to make something stationary.

Under the 24" bandsaw, I used two fixed, and two total lockers that lock the swivel as well as the wheel. 

The swivels under the drill press are also total lockers.  Those are all I will use in the future.  I need to change a couple under the spindle sander.

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