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I have a friend in Frisco, TX who would like to find someone to do some epoxy repair to her live edge dining table.  I have attached pics.  Don't know the exact extent of the work.  I am sure that she would be open to isuggestions from someone willing to help.  She does not expect the help for free.  If  you are intersted or, if you know of someone who might be interested please reply here or send me a private message.  Thanks.






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Keep with the look of what you have. I'd refinish the top, add a few "Bow Ties" to secure the cracks, and fill the cracks with black epoxy. It would "accent" the top like it was meant to be that way.

You could also router the underside to recess some "C-Channel" across the width of the table with holes/inserts strategically placed on either side of the cracks to secure them.

Bow Tie Spline.jpeg


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Epoxy and/or bow-ties are a band-aid approach to the symptoms. The top needs to be able to expand and contract with changes in moisture. It appears to already have a c-channel inset into the underside, and looks as if that has round rather than elongated holes, but I don't see that there are screws/bolts going through the channel. The plates that are fastened to the underside appear to have elongated holes, but are the bolts/screws centered in the holes, or located against the ends of the openings? I'd suggest a light coat of wax between underside of the table top and plates, and don't overtighten the fasteners. 

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