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I have a hundred projects to do around this house.  It is so frustrating to see our society place more value on MONEY, than on EXPERIENCE.  

When I was young, and into my teen years, I often hung around various shops ... cabinet shops, welding shops, bicycle shops ... I was a "shop rat" which meant I would just hang out there, and help out when I could.  Beyond emptying trash cans and sweeping floors, I would occasionally get involved in a project the shop was doing, maybe building a spiral staircase, or maybe making a custom bicycle, or rebuilding a V8 engine, etc.  I NEVER thought about getting PAID for my work there.  I always felt that I was gaining knowledge and experience, and that was enough!

Today, I look for some young man to come to mow my lawn, and he stands there staring a his phone ... "I don't work for less than $60.00 per hour!"  I tell them, "Show me what you can DO, and then we will talk about money."  Young people today think that just because they have a PULSE, they are worth a dollar per minute if you want them to actually DO ANYTHING.  Offer these youts $10.00 per hour and they laugh at you!

The work ethic in America is DEAD.

I sure would like to meet someone who is LOCAL to me, who will come here to help me with these projects, and be happy with a modest hourly or daily pay.  I have easily a hundred different projects to do here but I cannot afford to hand someone $60.00 per hour, so they can stare at their phones!



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I generally offer $20.00 per hour after I see that someone is actually interested in working.  I had a young couple come here and spend two days pulling huge weeds from my property.  It was hot, and they were hard workers.  I paid them $1,500.00 for two days of work, about double what they requested.  I told them that is what I would want, to do that work in that heat.  It is just difficult to hand out money that was EARNED at the rate of $8.00 per hour, and give it to someone at five times the rate I was paid for my "hard work."



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Howdy Joe,

If the contractor can get $60/per hr to perform lawn maintenance, why would they lower the rate to $20/hr and if you can hire a different contractor to do it for $20/hr, why would you pay $60/hr? If neither party can accomplish their goal, then both will have to compromise on the hourly rate.  Seems like the free market is working as it should. 

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