English Boxwood

Tom King

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It's hard but really smooth.   More like Corian than wood.  I just cut small pieces of it.  I'll cut these up and quarter the pieces with the big bandsaw when I get the chance.  Chunks this large are very rare.  There are other Boxwoods that grow more like trees, like the wood in old Marples chisel handles.  It's not anything like the same stuff.

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That was the one thing done there that I didn't do.

Soon after they bought the place in 2008 they had someone wrap in in OSB and put that cheap Tyvek substitute house wrap on it.  Since there was no roof overhang on the gable ends, they wrapped flashing over the edge, nailing it on top of the roof with regular roofing tacks.  It's done more harm than good.  Those roofing tacks all caused leaks.

I was not called there until 2011.

Now, the OSB is rotting off the house, and the house wrap is all in tatters and streaming off in stings.  That picture was taken years ago.

When we caught a chimney that was starting to fall I had to take that OSB off the end.  One piece had 50 nail gun nails in it.

Just an example of someone doing something who had no idea what they were doing.

I fear it will all just fall down due to the ownership problem.  I kept the grass cut there for over ten years until I had to stay at home to care for my invalid Mother for over three years.  The weeds are waist high all over the place now.  I can't do what needs to be done there just because it needs to be done. I subsidized everything I have done there so far, but won't any more.

If you Google "edward dromgoole house picture"  you will find many pictures of it in various states.

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I don't have any plans for them other than using pieces in the shop.  I have several other smaller ones that I've saved the good parts of from the same place.  I just didn't want these to go to waste.  I don't currently have an easily useable woodworking shop set up.  There are plans to build one here, but it's a few years down the to-do list.

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