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I went to a property auction at a barn outside of town where apparently an old woodworker must have lived. There was a whole section of the barn with bunks and bunks of carefully stickered hardwood stacks all for sale. I ended up bidding on this pile of 7/4 (yeah that's right) and 4/4 walnut. The thick ones are about 8' long and the thin ones are about 12'. My estimate is about 200 board feet of black walnut in this stack, and I paid $225 -- $1.12 / bf for black walnut is not too bad! There's no telling how long it's been sitting in that barn, but I'm guessing quite a long time based on how much dust was on everything. The color of the wood makes me think this was probably air dried instead of steamed or kiln dried.


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ooooooooooooooooooo good find if i had the room to store it i would have bought it all......i think i like lumber more then i like wood working is that strange? maybe you should have bought it all (any left?) and sold it for 1.30 a bf then everyone wins.

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Most of the wood there was cherry, and there were a couple other guys who really knew what it was worth and wanted to take it home. One roughly chest-high stack sold for $700. I was happy to let them duke it out then quietly take the walnut and go home. :-)

I'm strongly considering using this for the Roubo Bench guild build in January. I don't think the pieces are quite long enough to do the top as specified in the plan, but I was thinking I might make a shorter bench anyway given my small garage.

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