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I agree with you, Beechwood chip. If we are going to do this I want to make sure its well thought out beforehand so that we aren't scratching our heads when we meet up. I think the first step would be to rally the troops and see who would be interested in seriously participating.

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- Just had something show up (kids birthday party) and my 28th is messed up, so I am editing this - I'll get in touch with everyone I had talked to before.

NEW tentative meeting day: January 21 at 1pm at the Downington Woodcraft.

I stress that this is tentative as we are trying to make this work for everyone both in terms of timing and driving distance. The plan is just a visit to the store and then sit for lunch, or the other way around. Any objections?


wm_crash, the friendly hooligan

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I'm in NE Philly . Still a newbie. Would love to be part of the meet up.

Buying lumber from a guy named Mike in Morrisville right near Oxford valley mall. Found him on this forum. Has tons of quality wood at very reasonable prices. Has about a dozen storage containers on his property filled with domestics and exotics. Will try to find thread and post his info.

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