I think this is the best bandsaw blade folding video I've seen!

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That's how I coiled and uncoiled an 1.25" resaw blade (158" length).  Well, 3 loops, not 5.  For uncoiling, pull apart the 3 loops with a foot on the bottom loop; grab the middle loop with one hand, other hand does the 180º twists.  Might be easier if you grew up with a Slinky.

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Dang Vic...that looks easy too. 


I laugh and also cringe now, but wayyyyyyy back when I was in college, I'd work summers in maintenance at the local Oneita Knitting Mill.  One of the full time guys yells "TIM!!! put a new blade on the horizontal band saw."  The new blades hung all folded neat on a peg.  I'd grab one, take the tie wire off of it and throw it in the floor.  It always unfolded and sorted itself out.  Looking back, I'll bet the guys wanted to strangle me! :P

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